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Isn’t it time to slow down?

The dangers of travelling at excessive speed have been known for hundreds of years. In 15th century London, it was prohibited to drive a cart more quickly when it was unloaded than when it was loaded or face the risk of a 40-pence fine (about a week’s wages) or time in prison. Even so, the…

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Annual Christmas Road Safety Launch, this year in Boddington

It’s tragic but true that the roads are a dangerous place over the holiday period, and for some families, Christmas will never be the same again. The Industry Road Safety Alliance invites you to join us in asking all road users to commit to driving safely at the annual Christmas Road Safety Launch, being held…

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Top tips for sharing the road

When we’re driving in our vehicles, we’re in our own little bubble. It’s easy to forget we must share the road with cars, trucks, caravans, trailers, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. The Industry Road Safety Alliance has gathered ten top tips for sharing the road with road users of all types. Don’t cut in front Don’t…

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