Love Collie

Hand Sanitiser being produced by a Collie Business

Hi Collie Community,

We trust you are all staying home, staying safe and being kind to yourselves and others. So we are nearly ready open up our online shop through our website at for Hand Sanitiser sales. As you can see we have recruited a ‘PAWsome’ 🐾new worker to help with online orders, but more on him later!!

We are limiting online sales to the Collie Community only at this stage as we want to support our locals first and here’s what you can do to support us by reading all the rest of the post to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible :


  • You will be limited to 2 bottles per transaction initially so that we can get the initial batches to as many people as possible (please do not place multiple orders these will not be accepted/fulfilled)
  • We are working 24/7 to produce as much as we can with our current infrastructure (we have purchased some additional infrastructure but there is limited supply in Australia)

❗️The Hand Sanitiser Product

  • The HRE Hand Sanitiser is based on the formula by Didier Pittet who is an infectious disease control expert with the World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Pump or spray action tops are currently unavailable in Australia, this product has a screw top
    You can transfer a standard 28mm spray or pump action screw top from an existing bottle to our bottle (we will release a video on our facebook page this morning to demonstrate how to do this)
  • This is a liquid not a gel
  • This is for hand use only (you will receive safety instructions when you place your order please read them carefully)

❗️Cost & Postage

  • The cost of the 330ml bottle is $25 + $6 postage or Delivery
  • We have partnered with another small Collie business TraaVerse who have had to close down for a period due to the Corona Virus to do our deliveries (supporting other local business is critical to us)
  • We may have to use Australia Post to handle some of our deliveries their cheapest rate is $8.50 for this postage – HRE will absorb the additional $2.50 charged by Australia Post so that we can keep postage costs down at $6
  • We will start delivery on Thursday afternoon

Our Voucher / Collie Small Business ‘Pay it Forward’ Campaign

For every transaction we will issue you with a voucher to spend in the following business (redeemable once this is all over –

Harris River Estate Winery
ReDefine Skin Clinic
Black Diamond Lodge
Toscas Boutique

(details of terms and conditions will be send with your online order)

So that’s it for now, please bare with us as we this is a family run initiative and we like so many others have been working long days and distilling 24/7 to get this product to our wonderful Collie Community.


Principal Owner – Harris River Estate
Principal – HRE Consulting