Love Collie

Adventure Trails


The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) reports:

Arklow Trail

  • Trail-building company Common Ground Trails has completed the detailed designs for Trails 7 and 11. These have been reviewed by the DBCA in the field, with construction approval pending.
  • The detailed design for Trail 6 has been approved and construction began on 10 March (copy of P1 Collie Mail article, right).

Wiilman Bilya Walk Trail

  • The heritage survey brief has been completed and issued to the nominated consultant for a quote.
  • Consultations are continuing with Main Roads WA over the completion of Stage 1 (along Coalfields Highway).

Wellington National Park

  •  A brief has been completed and a quote is now being sought to undertake a heritage survey in the Park.

Collie River Suspension Bridge

  • Quotes have been received for:
    • Geotechnical investigations for bridge design
    • Initial engineering advice on the bridge’s pier locations and river flow modelling.