Love Collie

Collie Adventure Trails

Collie will be developed as a world class mountain bike and trail adventure destination offering stunning landscapes and epic trails.

The project

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions look forward to working closely with the community in the development of new trails and recreation facilities, including the following:

Wellington National Park

  • 65km of high-quality, dedicated mountain bike trails
  • “Epic” standard trails suitable for national and international events

Munda Biddi Realignment

  • Realign 20km of the Munda Biddi Trail loop around Wellington Dam and linking Collie town to the dam
  • Multi-day cycle loops from Collie into Wellington National Park

Arklow Forest Block

  • 11kms of additional mountain bike trail to complement recently built trails

Westralia Conservation Park

  • 35km of dedicated mountain bike trails
  • Close proximity to Collie town with link trails

Completion of Wiilman Bilya walk trail

  • Completion of the 72km 5-day walk trail from Collie through Wellington National Park

Collie River Crossing

  • A new crossing over the river for walkers and cyclists

Collie Trails Town

  • Provision of public facilities such as bike wash, bike racks and storage, signs, maps and information
  • Encourage business development of bike shops, rental, guiding services
  • Marketing of Collie Trails Town

Trail Maintenance

  • Trails maintenance to maintain quality trails
  • Development of volunteer maintenance programs


The State Government supports the economic diversification of Collie. This project has a $10M Royalties for Regions budget over four years.

Economic benefits

Trail Town’s reap economic benefits of the growing outdoor recreation and tourism markets

  • Boost spending at local businesses
  • Make the town a more attractive place to live
  • Influence business location and relocation decisions
  • Revitalise the town centre

Broader benefits

Nationally significant mountain bike trail networks

  • Grow and sustain the tourism economy in the South West
  • Create marketable trails that appeal to a broad cross section of tourists, cater for local trail riders and enable national and international events
  • Deliver a tourism experience that will increase number of visitors, repeat visits and extend the length of stay to the region
  • Stimulate local tourism economies such as accommodation, retail and hospitality
  • Provide trail facilities that will improve lifestyle and amenity for locals
  • Direct employment during construction and flow-on permanent employment
  • Facilitate aspirations of the local Aboriginal community for training, employment, heritage interpretation and business development

Environmental considerations

All trails will be designed and built using the Western Australian Mountain Bike Guidelines, coordinated by the Parks and Wildlife Service. The guidelines inform the process and include necessary approvals and checklists for management of flora, fauna, Aboriginal and other heritage considerations and issues such as weeds, pest and dieback.

The department’s Disturbance Approval System comprehensively assesses any and all values that need to be protected.